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20 Most Populated Cities in Nigeria

Nigeria is the most populous black nation in the world. Having this in mind, some states in Nigeria tends to have more population than other states in the country. The raise in the population index of these states are caused by development, urbanization and livelihood opportunities.

The list of most populated states in Nigeria are as follows
State                                     Population

Lagos                                  21,642,797

Kano                                     4,228,861

Ibadan                                  4,000,000

Abuja                                    3,110,000

Port Harcourt                      2,550,000

Aba                                       2,300,300

Benin                                    2,147,188

Kaduna                                1,900,000

Ogbomoso                          1,900,000

Maiduguri                          1,800,000

Ilorin                                   1,700,000

Jos                                         1,700,000

Enugu                                   1,500,000

Zaria                                     1,500,000

Abeokuta                             1,000,000

Onitsha                                1,000,000

Oyo                                     1,000,000

Sokoto                                1,000,000

Warri                                    900,000

Okene                                  900,000

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