Toni Iwobi is the first black senator in Italy. Today I will be sharing with you about the brief history and life of Toni Iwobi.


I may not be surprised as many people will be wondering who is Toni Iwobi? Well, Toni Iwobi is an Italian politician from Lega Nord who was elected to the Italian Senate in the 2018 general election as a black man.

Early Life History

Born as Toni Chike Iwobi on the 26th of April 1945, in Gusau, Northern part of Nigeria. Although not much details of him and his background were gathered but we are able to find out he came from an Igbo descent and that he is one of the 11 siblings from his Roman Catholic Family.
Toni Iwobi is a Nigerian by but he later nationalized to become an Italian citizen and he proudly speaks both his mother tongue Igbo language and English.

Educational Background

Toni Iwobi attended Catholic schools during his elementary and secondary education. He is an excellent acedemia and guru who had obtained different degrees from different international institution so far, he completed a degree in economic with specialization in marketing and business management in Manchester, England. He later proceeded to Italy in 1979 on a student visa where he obtained a degree in accounting in Treviglio. Toni Iwobi also has higher degrees (laurea) in computer science from USA and Italy.


Toni Iwobi is a politician and an entrepreneur. His career journey started as a worker in AMSA (Azienda Milanese Servizi Ambientali) and has also worked for a company in roveredo, Switzerland before he later became the founder and managing director of Data Communications Labs Ltd since 2001. As a supporter of federalism, he became a member of Lega Nord where he was inspired by Gianfranco Migho.
His political career started in 1993 when he was elected as municipal councillor for the party in spirano, a position he held up to 2014. And also from the year 2010 – 2014 he also served as assessor with responsibility for social services. In 2014, Iwobi was selected by the party leader then Matteo Salvni to draft out Lega Nord’s new immigration policy; which had a hard stance against illegal immigration and played a big role in the party’s campaign in the 2018 Italian general election.
In 2018 general election, Iwobi was elected to the Italian Senate; becoming the first ever black man so far to take a seat in the Senate and also the general counsel of the Italy- USA foundation.

Personal Life

Toni is married to an Italian woman and has two children.

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