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Hot Men Hairstyles

A good hair style speaks best of you whether rich or not, a good hair cut can turn an average man into a stylish character. There are varieties of hair cuts in which one can have, from the most sophisticated, rugged buns, faux hawks, pompadour, to slick back etc. there is always a hair cut that can fit your personality.

This post aims at highlighting some of the hottest men hairstyles that is trending in our world today.

1. Bro Flow

This is a versatile hair style, perfect for gents. Bro flow is a relaxed and rugged hair style, simple to wear and maintain. For any men that wear it, it depicts coolness, carefree and commitment to a course. It comes in different shapes, color and length.

2. Man bun

As one of the hottest hair styles, it requires pulling your hair back from the face, plaited or twisted and wrapped in a circular coil around itself at the back of the head. Bun might be tied with a hair tie, barrette, pin etc. the hair style is suitable for men that has long hairs. Bun comes in different types, color and length.

3. Modern Pompadour

This hair style is versatile and classic too, most men do have this hair. The hair cut is characterized and styled up and off the forehead features a lower hair cut by the side of the head with longer hair on top. This hair style fits men with round faces.

4. Caesar cut

Although this hair style is old but it is still making head ways for men. It is a short hair style with short horizontally straight cut bangs. It comes in many styles and colors. It is called Caesar’s cut because it is the hair cut wore by Julius Caesar.

5. Buzz cut

Buzz cut is a short hair hairstyle designed with a clipper. It is one of the trending hairstyles for men who want to maintain a low hairstyle. This kind of hairstyle makes one look cool, and the face more defined.

6. The Under cut

The Undercut hairstyle is versatile and works absolutely for straight, curly or wavy hair types. The hair on the top of the head is longer and parted on either side of center, while the back and sides are buzzed very short. This hairstyle gives a guy wearing it a classy and sexy look.

7. Quiff

The quaff hairstyle is indeed one of the most trending hairstyles in the world today. It is similar to the pompadour in that they require a short hair on the sides and long hair on top. The quaff hairstyle can come in many shapes and color

8. Faux Hawk

As one of the best hair styles for men, it makes them look youthful, classy and draws more attention. Typically, the haircut features short sides and a longer strip of hair on top that is styled upwards.

9. Ivy League

This hair cut looks great on men that has high cheek bones and strong jaw line. This versatile hairstyle is also known as Princeton or Harvard Clip. Typically, Ivy League is a hairstyle that starts with a short trim on the sides and top keeping the front hair long enough to be part to the side. This type of hair shows class, professionalism etc.

10. Slick Back

This is one of the coolest hair styles; it makes anyone wearing it mature, sexy and formal. Slick back is also known as Duck tail or Duck arse. For those with longer locks, the slick back is a particularly great option for those more formal occasions. You can create the style by brushing all your hair back, using some pomade to secure the shape.

Looking for a new hairstyle to wear, choose from the list above and you will never regret it.

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