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List of Oil Companies in Nigeria and their Websites

Nigeria is one of the countries that is blessed with abundant mineral resources. The most abundant of them all is oil and gas. The oil and gas industries are the major source of revenue for the country, and it makes up of about 95% of the country’s foreign exchange earnings. The importance of this sector to the Nigeria economy can never be over empathized because the budgets and other related finances are being provided by this sector.

Here are the full list of registered oil companies in Nigeria.

Addax Petroleum Development Company Ltd – http://www.addaxpetroleum.com

Addax Petroleum – http://www.addaxpetroleum.com/operations

Afren Energy Resources – http://www.afren.com/default.asp

African Petroleum Oil Field Services – http://www.apoilfields.com/

African Petroleum Plc – http://www.applcng.com

Amazon Energy – http://www.amazon-energy.com

Amni International Petroleum Development Company Ltd – http://www.amnipetroleum.com/index.htm

Amosco – http://www.amosco.com/

Ana Industries Limited – http://www.anaindustries.net/

Ariboil Company Limited – http://ariboil.com/index.html

Ariosh Limited – http://www.ariosh.com

Ascon Oil company Limited – http://www.asconoil.com

G. Technical Ltd – http://www.bgtechnical.com/

Bell Oil & Gas – http://www.belloil.com/

BJ Services Company – http://www.bjservices.com/website/GBLocator.nsf

Brawal Shipping (Oil) – http://www.brawalshipping.com/brawal/index.php

Cakasa (Nig) Company Ltd. – http://www.cakasa.com

Camac (Allied Energy Resources) – http://www.camacholdings.com/contact/index.html

CGG Veritas – http://www.cggveritas.com/Contact.aspx?cid=266&lang=1

ChevronTexaco Nigeria Limited – http://www.chevron.com

Ciscon – http://www.cisconservices.com/default.html

Compact Manifold Engineering Services (CMES/Albert Garaudy) – http://www.cmes-engineers.com

Conoco Energy Nigeria Ltd – http://www.petroinfonigeria.com

Conoco Philips – http://www.conocophillips.com/

Conoil Plc – http://www.conoilplc.com

Consolidated Oil Limited – http://www.honsyl.com/Honsconsolidated.html

Crestville Engineering and Technology Company Limited – http://www.crestvillengineering.com

DeltaAfrik Engineering Limited (Deltatek/Worly Parsons) – http://www.deltaafrik.com

Department of Petroleum Resources – http://www.dprnigeria.com/home.html

Drillog Petro-Dynamics Ltd – http://www.drillogpdl.com/

Emex Systems – http://www.emexsystems.biz/

Equator Exploration Limited – http://www.equatorexploration.com/operations/nigeria.aspx

Expro – http://www.exprogroup.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=348&Itemid=373

ExxonMobil – http://www.exxonmobil.com/corporate/

Famfa Oil – http://www.famfa.com/

First Fossil Nigeria – http://www.firstfossil.com/

Flameshield Equipment Engineering Limited – http://www.flameshield.biz

Fugro Nigeria Limited – http://www.fugro-prodec.com/

Gaslink Nigeria Limited – http://www.gaslink.org

Geolynx Ltd – http://www.geolynxltd.com

Global Energy Group – http://www.globalenergyco.com/

Hardy Oil & Gas Plc – http://www.hardyoil.com/Assests/nigeria_main.htm

Honeywell Oil and Gas Limited – http://www.honeywelloil.com

Hudson Petroleum Limited – http://www.honeywellgroup.com/hudson1.php

Intels Services Nigeria – http://www.intelservices.com/

Japaul Ltd – http://www.japaulplc.com

Kasolute – http://www.kasolute.com/

Ladol – http://www.ladol.com/

Linkso – http://www.linksong.com

Lonadek Oil & Gas Consultants – http://www.lonadek.com

Lubcon Limited Oil and Gas – http://www.lubcon-ng.com

Mabon Limited – http://mabonltd.com/

Melvon – http://www.melvon-ng.com/home.htm

MI Swaco – http://www.miswaco.com/Locations/

National Engineering & Technical Co. Ltd. (NETCO) – http://www.netco.com.ng

National Petroleum Investment Management Services – http://www.napims.com/

NBE Oceaneering Nigeria Limited – http://www.nbeoceaneering.com

Nexen Inc – http://www.nexeninc.com/Operations/West_Africa/Nigeria.asp

Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Limited (NLNG) – http://www.nigerialng.com

Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) – http://www.nnpcgroup.com

Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists – http://www.nape.org.ng/

Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation – http://www.nnpcgroup.com/

Nigerian Petroleum Development Company Ltd – http://www.npdc-ng.com/index.php

Noble Drilling – http://www.noblecorp.com/Contact/Contact.asp

Oando Group – http://www.oandoplc.com

Obat Oil and Petroleum – http://www.obatoil.com

Oil Data – http://www.oildatainc.com/html/contact_us.html

Oil Test Services – http://www.oiltestng.com/index.htm

Onyx Energy Services Limited – http://www.onyxenergyltd.com

Oriental Energy Resources Limited – http://www.oriental-er.com/about/index.htm

Pan Ocean Oil Corporation Nigeria – http://www.panoceanoilnigeria.com/

Petrobras – http://www.petrobras.com/

Petroleum Geo Services – http://www.pgs.com/Data_Library/West-and-South-Africa/Nigeria/

Petroleum Technology Association of Nigeria – http://www.petan.org/petan/performance.html

Petrolog – http://www.petrologgroup.com/aboutpetrolog.htm

Point Engineering Ltd – http://www.pointengineering.com

Precision Engineering and Procurement Company – http://www.pepcong.com

Roxar – http://www.roxar.com/category.php?categoryID=1432

Sadiq Petroleum – http://www.sadiqpetroleum.com/index.html

Sahara Energy Resource Limited – http://www.sahara-group.com

Sahara Group – http://www.sahara-group.com/index.php

Sapetro – http://www.sapetro.com

Schlumberger – http://www.slb.com/content/contact/geomarkets/eca/nga.asp

Shell Petroleum Development Company Nigeria Limited – http://www.shellnigeria.com

Sigmund Engineering Company Limited – http://www.sigmundgroup.com

Snake Island Integrated Free Zone – http://www.sifreezone.com/

Socotherm – Group http://www.socotherm.com/

Sowsco -http://www.sowsco.net/

Statoil – http://www.statoil.com/

Sunlink Petroleum Limited – http://www.sunlinkpetroleum-ng.com/

Survicom – http://survicom.com/

Technip – http://www.technip.com/entities/nigeria/index.htm

Total Nigeria Plc – http://www.ng.total.com

United Geo Physical – http://www.unitedgeophysical.com/

Weafri – http://weafriwellservices.com/

Weltek Nigeria Limited – http://www.weltekng.com

WOG Allied Services Nigeria Ltd – http://www.wog-allied.com/

Yinka Folawiyo Petroleum Company Ltd – http://www.yinkafolawiyo.com

Zenon Petroleum and Gas – http://www.zenonpetroleumng.com

Zukus Industries Limited – http://zukus.homestead.com/

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